Moni and Michael are so excited to adopt Waggers. Waggers is too. He tries to be good; he tries really hard. But his tail goes a little crazy. Being adopted is exciting. So is baking cookies...and hunting monsters...and socks and squirrels and...wagging the paint off cars? Uh-oh. Can Waggers and his family find a way to stay together or will Waggers's tail wag them apart?

Waggers Bookmark
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Birds, and crabs, and crocs - oh my! Can Toby outslip, outslide, out-double flip and dive them? Join this curious little sea turtle as he follows his heartsong from egg to ocean.

*Read Across Oklahoma Book 2015

Toby Supplementary Material
Includes coloring pages, reading comprehension quiz, maze, wordles, and DIY instructions on how to draw Toby.
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Dragon Wishes

Eleven-year-old Alex is searching. So is Shin Wa. They both need to find a path out of the darkness that surrounds them. Shin Wa’s journey leads her to the Black mountains of the far north in China. There she discovers more than just the last surviving dragons. She finds a way to save mankind. It all lies in a single pearl of wisdom. The gem is also the key to Alex’s own journey. The pearl travels through the ages to find the struggling young girl and her sister. But it is not until Alex discovers how to use the pearl that she finds her way out of the darkness and into a new life.

*Nautilus Book Award Winner 2009

*Honorable Mention San Francisco Book Festival 2009

Reader's Guide
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Rope 'Em!

Scout could herd. Virgil could rope and tie. You’d think they’d make a great team. You’d think. They wouldn’t agree. Until the day that Barrier Reef Bullface set fin in the O.K. Coral. He had trouble on his mind and fish in his belly, and a couple of old big-mouthed (and bighatted) cowpokes weren’t going to stop him. Well, not by themselves anyway. But maybe if they work together, they just might figure out how to rid their little piece of paradise of someone nasty. Right, pardner?

*Read Across Oklahoma Book 2011

Rope 'Em Supplementary Material
Includes reading comprehension quiz, maze, and wordles.
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Faster than a speeding torpedo...Able to leap ocean waves in a single bound. It's a's a boat...No, wait...It's Dizzy, the world's fastest dolphin. Join our fearless hero in his quest for truth, justice, and some really delicious fish. If he can slow down long enough to catch them, that is. Dive in and find out!

*Mom's Choice Award 2008

Dizzy Supplementary Material
Includes coloring pages, quiz, maze, wordles, writing project, and DIY instructions on how to draw Dizzy.
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Shelby is a shy lemon shark who wants more than anything to make a friend. But, she is more afraid of the wahoos, ballyhoos, and feoricious little tunnies than they are of her razor sharp teeth. So she waits, and wishes, until one day when a barnacled beast billows into the magrove swamp and captures all of the fish. The only way to save them is for Shelby to chomp with all of the strength in her powerful shark's jaw. Will there be any wahoos left?

*Finalist in ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year 2006

*Winner Arizona Authors Literary Contest 2006

*Featured Picture Book, Oklahoma Aquarium 2006-2007

Shelby Supplementary Material
Includes coloring pages, quiz, maze, wordles, writing project, and DIY instructions on how to draw Shelby.
Shelby Guide.pdf
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Color up, down, and all around with Squirt. He's the master of disguises and cephalopod surprises who loses himself to swash-buckling jellyfish captains on a crackling sea day. Inking up is his only escape. Careful maties, only the bravest buccaneers will venture on to read the last two pages of fun squid facts.

Featured Picture Book, Oklahoma Aquarium 2005-2006

Squirt Supplementary Material
Includes coloring pages, quiz, book-making project, craft - Squirt cups, and DIY instructions on how to draw Squirt.
Squirt Guide.pdf
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